To register any student in the Hattiesburg Public School District for the 2017-2018 school year, the following documents are required:
  1. Current/Valid Form of Identification- Driver’s License/State Issued ID
  2. Certificate of Immunization Compliance Form No. 121 (Up to Date Immunization Documentation, School Ready for Kindergarten and 7th graders include the T-DAP)
  3. Guardianship Documents (if applicable)
  4. Two Proofs of Residency (Documents with a Post Office Box as an address will NOT be accepted.
  5. NEW Students to Hattiesburg Public School District must also bring the following to registration: Report Card/Withdrawal Form from previous school, Copy of Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card
The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of a student seeking to enroll must provide Hattiesburg Public School District with at least one item from Group 1 AND one item from Group 2 below as proof of address residency:

Group 1

  • Filed Homestead Exemption Application form
  • Mortgage documents or property deed
  • Apartment/Home lease/Rental agreement (must be current)

**Any unofficial Lease Agreement (handwritten or computer generated) must be notarized

Group 2

  • Current Utility Bill (dated within 30 days of enrollment)
  • Examples of Acceptable Bills: electricity, gas, water, landline telephone, cable TV or satellite TV

**NOT Acceptable as proof of residency: driver’s license, voter identification, or cellular phone bill