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Tiger Perks: Employee Incentive Program

What is the Tiger Perks Program? The Tiger Perks Program is a partnership with local businesses and community organizations who provide incentives and/or benefits to Hattiesburg Public School District employees in an effort to recruit and retain quality educators and staff. This partnership will also give extra exposure and business to participating merchants. We believe this is a mutually beneficial endeavor. The benefits can range from discounts, services, and/or products that are not offered to the general public.

How do you get involved? To become a Tiger Perks Partner, a business with a storefront facility must submit a completed Tiger Perks Form and offer a discount or service that is above and beyond what is offered to the general public on a regular basis. Non-storefront businesses must have a valid license or Tax ID number. All services and products will be reviewed before acceptance into the program. Individual representatives and home-based businesses are not eligible for the program. After review, the business will be contacted regarding their enrollment in the program.

How long does the partnership last? The partnerships are renewed annually and run from August 1 through July 31 of the following year.

How does a business know if a person is a current Hattiesburg Public School District employee? Every HPSD employee is issued a district ID badge. The badges may be used to confirm employment. Employees may also use their pay stubs as proof of employment.

How will employees know which businesses are participating? Employees will receive a list of participating businesses. Participating businesses will also be featured on the district website: www.HattiesburgPSD.com.

For more information, contact:
Samone Wilson, Communication and Engagement Coordinator
samone.wilson@hattiesburgpsd.com or 601-582-5078 ext. 1040

To download the applications, please click the link below:
2018 Tiger Perks Application Packet