The goal of the Hattiesburg Public School District’s Transportation Department is to provide safe and dependable transportation for the district’s students and staff. This includes transportation to and from school each day for those students who are eligible. The department also provides students and staff with transportation to activities, athletic events, competitions and field trips. Hattiesburg Public School District Transportation Department maintains a fleet of buses and other vehicles. Requests for trips are approved by multiple staff prior to scheduling and must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the date of travel.

The Transportation Department Staff work hard every day to ensure that every vehicle is running safely and being operated with caution and care so that our students can travel to and from their destination safely.

Supervisor: Eddie Daniels; Phone: 601.583.2857

Joann Hollingsworth- Secretary
Beverly Edmond- Bus Driver/Secretary
Corey Trotter- Shop Helper
Eddie McKeller- Shop Helper
Willie Humbles- Shop Helper

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