New Hattiesburg Publics Schools Superintendent, James Bacchus, will begin his term as Superintendent on

 Tuesday, February 15. Mr. Bacchus will also address the District staff as part of the Mid-Year Convocation to be held at the HHS Auditorium at 8 a.m. on Monday, February 21. 

Mr. Bacchus was announced as the new Superintendent in December of 2010 by the HPSD Board of Trustees after a lengthy and extensive search. The Board contracted the Mississippi School Boards Association to initiate the search. After announcing the position in national publications and accepting applications from around the region and the country, the Hattiesburg Public SchoolsBoard of Trustees used an extensive interview process to narrow the candidates to three finalists. The Board brought each of the final three candidates to answer questions in a public forum and solicited feedback from the community. The Board also visited each of the candidates in their home district to get a better perspective on their work-style and to speak with those who work with them directly. After careful consideration of individual qualifications and experience, all public input, and the needs of the district, the Board felt that Mr. Bacchus was the right choice to be the next Superintendent of the Hattiesburg Public School District.

Mr. Bacchus was most recently the Chief of Student Support for Memphis City Schools in Memphis, TN. Mr. Bacchus attended Jackson State University and the University of Memphis. He has served as Executive Director for Facilities and Planning and as High School Academic Superintendent, both for Memphis City Schools. He also has 30 years experience as a teacher, coach, assistant principal and high school principal.

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Comment by Cynthia P. Watzlavik (Rogge) on February 10, 2011 at 5:08pm
Welcome to Hattiesburg Public School District, Mr. Bacchus!

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