New HHS Football Coach Brings Optimism to Hattiesburg

With all of the excitement surrounding last week's announcement of Trey Dickerson, former Offensive Coordinator at the high school football power house South Panola, as the new Head Coach for the Hattiesburg High Tiger Football Team a new feeling of Tiger Pride has drifted across the community and campus. Every time I mentioned to someone last week who the new coach was they all said the same two things: "REALLY?!" followed by "WOW!" If they were a Tiger fan their minds were instantly picturing purple and gold jerseys celebrating a state championship. If they weren't a fan, well they were still probably picturing the same thing, they just didn't like it as much.

Having a new coach is always an exciting time for a school, especially before the season starts. Everyone is always imagining the potential of what might be...our glass is half full, actually, right now, it's probably way more than half full, it's getting close to running over.

Tiger fans have been all over the net issuing predictions of HHS victories and dire warnings to local rivals. Local rivals have been looking at each other with nervous smiles, comforted by the fact that at least they won't be the only ones to lose to the Tigers. Even the Mayor (a former Tiger himself) is excited by Coach Dickerson's arrival. More than anything, the arrival of Coach Dickerson has given the Tigers and their fans something to roar about and for that I thank him.

Nobody expects it to be a perfectly smooth season with no bumps or losses (at least not out loud...but maybe in their car on the way to work writing imaginary press releases about an amazing undefeated season with the highest number of shut-outs in the history of high school football...or something like that), but no matter how next season goes one thing we can count on is that the Tiger fans and players, and Hattiesburg in general, will look at football differently from now on.

Welcome to Tiger Town!

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