Rowan Elementary recently hosted the Body Walk exhibit. The exhibit is provided by the Mississippi State University Extension Service to help designed for Kindergarten through 5th grade students learn about the human body and making healthy choices. Students from schools across the district came to Rowan to tour the 40 x 40 ft exhibit. Throughout the exhibit, they learned how to apply healthy lifestyle choices.

At each of Body Walk's ten stations, a volunteer presenter engages the students in a five-minute activity focused on healthy choices. The tour begins when student groups walk through a giant ear into the brain. Inside the huge brain dome, students experience “brain waves” and learn about brain function. After they leave the brain, the students are each given a bookmark designating them as a food, such as a carrot, hamburger or piece of cheese. The "foods" step into the exhibit's larger-than-life mouth, are "swallowed" through the esophagus tunnel and move into the stomach dome. From the stomach, the students travel through the small intestine where they are “absorbed” into the blood. Then they follow the path of the nutrients to the heart, lung, bone, muscle and skin stations. Students leave the body through a cut in the skin and proceed through The OrganWise Guys’ Pathway for Life. This final station recaps key health concepts from each of the nine previous stations.

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