HPS Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Keys

Brandon Keys is the Parks and Recreation Youth Coordinator for the City of Hattiesburg. As youth coordinator, it is his job to work within the established guidelines to plan, oversee, and direct operations, services, staff, and activities of the city’s recreation program. As a 2007 graduate of Hattiesburg High, it has been Keys’ desire for several years to be in a position to give back to the community that helped to raise him into the man that he has become today. 

Mr. Keys has been independently working to create opportunities for giving back to the community for the past seven years with the start of the Annual Thanksgiving Potluck that is held in various places around the city to allow citizens of Hattiesburg to donate and/or serve the less fortunate and homeless citizens who may not have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to attend. He has spearheaded other events that have honed in on the youth in the city, like Movie Night in the Park, Summer Splash Bash, Back to School Drives, Coat Drives, and more.

Giving back drives Brandon to do better in his own life and for his family. He is married to his high school sweetheart, and they have two little ones together: Kennedy (6) and Brennon (1). Having children of his own has developed an even more profound aspiration within Mr. Keys to ensure that the city of Hattiesburg is exposing the youth to opportunities that will allow them to be well-rounded citizens who are academically sound, as well as creatively sound. Having a greater variety of options and more community support is his goal. 

Brandon Keys lives for the importance and betterment of the community and, specifically, the youth. He knows that they are the future of the city. He has experienced the city as a child and wants what he has and more for today's youth. He also has experienced the city as an adult and would like nothing more than for Hattiesburg to be a thriving body of citizens who can collectively come together for any situation, and it’s the youth.