HPS Alumni Spotlight: Edward Hargrove, Jr.

Edward Hargrove Jr is a 2013 graduate of Hattiesburg High School. Currently, Mr. Hargrove serves as an Ecosystem Coordinator for AccelerateMS, the official office of Workforce Development of Mississippi.

After graduating high school, he attended The University of Southern Mississippi for undergraduate and graduate studies. Hargrove received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in management and a Master of Science Economic Development degree.

Over the last ten years, Mr. Hargrove has managed several local businesses, most recently serving as Area Manager of South Mississippi operations for Wolf River Hospitality out of Memphis, TN, where he oversaw their Hattiesburg Midtown Pyros location. While in this role, Mr. Hargrove made an effort to connect with the Hattiesburg Culinary program, which he was a part of doing his time at Hattiesburg High. He has since hired several students and actively serves on the Culinary Advisory Committee for the program.

Mr. Hargrove has sought to stay involved in the community through numerous efforts. He has assisted in coaching in the Dixie Boys Baseball league. He also serves on a number of local boards, such as the United Way Impact Committee, the Police Review Board, and Midtown Merchandise Association. Mr. Hargrove enjoys attending various sporting events and spending time with his family and friends.