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Alumni Spotlight

Jasmin Baxter

Sade Hollingsworth-Hayes is a Hattiesburg native and a graduate of Hattiesburg High School, Class of 2010.

Hollingsworth-Hayes continued her education in Montgomery, Alabama, the birthplace of the civil rights movement, after graduating from high school. Hollingsworth-Hayes continued her studies in Montgomery, commencing her studies at Alabama State University (ASU), where she completed her bachelor's degree in social work. During her time at ASU, Hollingsworth-Hayes completed an internship with Montgomery Family Initiatives, an organization affiliated with the District Attorney's office that assists children. Its main objective is to intervene in the lives of schoolchildren who have been suspended from their academic institutions without facing criminal charges. Following her graduation from ASU, Hollingsworth-Hayes returned to Hattiesburg.

After graduating from ASU, Hattiesburg-Hayes worked for the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services. Upon enrolling at Walden University, she earned a Master of Social Work Degree.

Today, Hollingsworth-Hayes works for the Hattiesburg Public School District as one of the School Social Workers, where she is responsible for helping students, families, and teachers address problems. When Hollingsworth-Hayes is away from the office or local community, you may catch her at sporting events with her family or the baseball field.  

Hollingsworth-Hayes expressed her profound joy at occupying the position she does, which grants her the invaluable opportunity to contribute to the Hattiesburg Public Schools.