Tax Credits Available for Pre-K Donations

We have a very exciting opportunity to expand our grant even farther! The Early Learning Collaborative Act includes a provision which allows all Mississippians (individuals and corporations alike) to make a donation to an approved Pre-K Collaborative and receive a tax credit. That's right a CREDIT! Individuals and business can donate directly to our collaborative and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit (up to $1M)! Imagine how much more we can impact early learning with additional funds!
We have an endless list of dreams and ideas that would help us reach more families.
Things at the top of our list include:
  • Expanding the Dolly Parton Imagination Library partnership which provides books to families
  • Providing instructional support to local childcare centers not participating in the current collaborative grant
  • Purchasing a "book truck" to use a mobile library for preschool-age children around the city
  • Updating playground equipment for Pre-K students 
The process of making a donation is incredibly simple!
  1. Contact Nancy McGee by Email, or call 256.282.8878 for additional information
  2. Submit the check for donation to Nancy McGee.
  3. HELC will contact the Mississippi Department of Education to request the donation certificate.
  4. When the taxes are filed, simply submit a copy of the donation certificate with Form 80-401.
  5. Watch the young children of Hattiesburg flourish and know that you are a vital part of that effort.
Please share this opportunity with other individuals and businesses that might be interested in investing in the future of Hattiesburg!
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