2020 Track Summer Workouts

  1. All athletes will report beginning July 14, 2020, at the football field/track


  1. Workout time will be from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.
  2. Athletes should report to the stadium at 5:45 pm for check in.
  3. Workouts will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  4. Athletes will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms of fever, coughing, and

     shortness of breath through a series of questions, and temperature will be checked

     daily upon arrival.

  1. If an athlete shows any symptoms, they will be immediately sent home and parents

     will be notified.

  1. Upon passing screening, each athlete will be directed to a specific outdoor

      locations to adhere to the 20 person outdoor guidelines.

  1. No athlete will enter any indoor facility at this time.
  2. Each athlete must wear workout clothes from home and carry them home each

      day to be washed at home.

  1.   Each athlete must bring a bottle of water or PowerAde to the workouts. There will

       be no sharing of water or PowerAde. There will be no communal water stations.

  1. Each athlete will be picked up promptly at 8:00 pm. Athletes will not be allowed

       to get together and loiter after workouts.

  1. We will adhere to all executive orders both state and local along with MHSAA and

        HPSD guidelines. As they are updated, this plan may change.

    13. Have any Questions? Contact Coach Green at 601-310-0127

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