Hattiesburg Early Learning Collaborative strives to advance preschoolers education

Source: WDAM 
HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Public School District is making sure its preschoolers are ready to take their next step in education through the Hattiesburg Early Learning Collaborative.

“Pre-k is that first start, that early start," said Pre-k through Kindergarten director Hope Mikell. "We need to make sure that our students are ready for school. When students start school without important skills, it’s harder and harder for them to achieve their potential goals without those interventions. The goal of the collaborative is to help every child.”

The collaborative is one of 18 in Mississippi and it’s the largest, serving more than 300 children.

“It was established and founded in 2018," Mikell said. "We currently serve 20 pre-k classes. We are prepared to serve around 350 students across the Hattiesburg Public School District.”

A big thing that separates it from other preschool program is that all 20 classrooms are provided with the same resources, High-quality curriculum, and teachers.

“We provide the same high-level instruction and curriculum for all of our 20 classrooms that we serve," Mikell said. "Teachers receive the same professional development, whether they’re in childcare centers, PRVO or in the public schools.”

The collaborative only serves preschoolers in the Hattiesburg School District.

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