Eris Knott selected as 2021 Curriculum Associate Extraordinary Educator

During the week of January 2, 2021, the Curriculum Associates Extraordinary Educators program, which connects the best-in-class, recognized a Hattiesburg Public School Teacher from Woodley Elementary.
Eris Knott is a teacher at Woodley Elementary school that will soon receive recognition locally and nationally, a network of peers from around the country, professional development opportunities, and the opportunity to attend the Extraordinary Educators Leadership Summit! 
We talked with Eris about this major accomplishment and she explains that being honored during a pandemic is a prize. 
"I am honored and excited to be named an Extraordinary Educator! To be acknowledged for doing something I love despite recent challenges in the classroom is greatly appreciated," said Knott. 
"I am looking forward to learning more about how to continue using data-driven instruction to all of my students. Distance Learning is showing me how important equity is when instructing, and I don't want to leave any student out."
During COVID-19 our teachers have worked tremendously hard at making sure our students have everything they need to excel. When asked Knott described her classroom culture in three words: Cool, calm, and collected. Knott says that for her to know where to go, concerning data-driven instruction, she needs to take a glimpse at her data map. The data map will lead her in the right direction for each child specifically. 
We would like to again congratulate Eris Knott on being selected as one of the 2021 Curriculum associates Extraordinary Educators! 
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