Board of Trustees

The Hattiesburg Public School District’s Board of Trustees is comprised of five members and is by law the policy-making and appraisal body of the school district. The five Members of the HPSD Board of Trustees are charged with setting the direction and vision of the district through policy and oversight. The Board creates the policy for the entire district and charges the superintendent with carrying out their vision and direction for the district. Board Members are elected to represent the community at large. The Board works mainly through the superintendent and their regular Board Meetings. All Board Meetings are open to the public and interested members of the community are encouraged to speak at the meetings regarding any issue, concern, commendation, or policy. The Board hopes to enrich the lives of our students by creating sound policies for staff to follow and by encouraging cooperation and partnership with the leaders and members of the Hattiesburg Community.
Board of Trustees
Delores McNair (President),
Yolanda Morris (Secretary),
Eric K. Steele
Dr. Eddie Holloway
Gregory N. Rogers