Maintenance Department

The goal of the Hattiesburg Public School District’s Maintenance Department is to ensure safe schools and protect the health and safety of all students through upgrading schools and improving school facilities. Hattiesburg Public School District Maintenance inspects, maintains facilities, provides an on-going maintenance program to upgrade schools, and improves facility maintenance. Requests for services and repairs are channeled electronically to the maintenance office for distribution to the appropriate trade.

Areas of responsibility 

Carpentry: Repairs glass, roofs, walls, floor covering, plaster, painting, blinds, doors, ceilings, and renovates and constructs new offices.

Climate Control (Heating and HVAC): Installs, maintains and repairs air conditioners, heating systems, air compressors, and boilers.

Construction: Coordinates the design of new facilities and/or addition to facilities, and major renovations.

Electrical: Repairs equipment, stage and auditorium lighting, gymnasium and athletic field lighting, scoreboards, security lighting, and custodial equipment.

Electronics: Installs, maintains, and repairs master clocks, bell systems, fire alarms, intercoms, public address systems, televisions, VCRs, cassettes players, and cable wiring.

Environmental: Coordinates the removal of chemicals in facilities, oversees asbestos and indoor air quality program.

Grounds: Cuts grass, shrubs, trees, and maintains fences.

Keys & Locks: Maintains and install locks and keys of all buildings.

Plumbing: Installs, maintains, and repairs welding, water pipes, and sewage system.

Preventive Maintenance: Installs, maintains, and repairs fire extinguishers. Changes filters for heating and cooling equipment, and water coolers.