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The Hattiesburg Public Schools Business office is responsible for managing the fiscal affairs of the school system, ensuring valid disclosure of receipts and disbursements, and making sound investments of cash balances.



Payroll Onboarding For New Employees

Welcome to Hattiesburg Public School District:

We are excited to help our new employees get started and want to provide some information to make the onboarding process run efficiently. Please review the forms and complete them (if possible). We are providing the forms to remind employees that some of the forms require certain information from employees such as beneficiary's dates of birth, all insured's dates of birth and social security numbers, etc.

The following forms are required to be completed for all full-time employees in order for the Business Office to process new employees for Payroll and Contracts (if applicable):

1. IRS FORM W-4 (Federal Withholding Form)
2. Mississippi Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate (State Withholding Form) 
3. Public Employees Retirement System (PERS Form 1-- Membership Application) 
4. Public Employees Retirement System (PERS Form 1B-- Beneficiary Designation) 
5. Hattiesburg Public School District Employee Pay Selection Form-- Direct Deposit Form 
6. Hattiesburg Public School District Active Resources Access Form (On-line Payroll Information Access)
7. Application for Health and Life Coverage 

Each new employee is asked to bring the above documents completed for Payroll On-Boarding If employees have questions, they will be answered during the onboarding time. Hattiesburg Public School District also offers additional voluntary payroll deductions for dental, vision, and other insurance programs that will be discussed during the onboarding time.

For detailed information concerning the above, please contact:

Milette Carter, Insurance Clerk milette.carter@hattiesburgpsd.com

Donna Hinton, Payroll Clerk donna.hinton@hattiesburgpsd.com


Jennifer Clanton
Chief Financial Officer
(601) 582-5078 ext. 1063

Starlett Stover
Accounts Payable Clerk
(601) 582-5078 ext. 1008

Donna Hinton, Payroll Specialist
(601) 582-5078 ext. 1039
Marlena McNair
Accounting Clerk
(601) 582-5078 ext. 1083
Milette Carter
Insurance Clerk
(601) 582-5078 ext. 1082 Milette.carter@hattiesburgpsd.com

Edith Stallings, Accounting Supervisor
(601) 582-5078 ext. 1024

Donald Isabelle
Fixed Assets Clerk
(601) 582-5078 ext. 1043