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Fixed Assets Forms

Below are links to the various Fixed Assets Forms, along with a description of each form.

  • All of the forms are interactive, so you can type the information into the form.

FA-1 MISSING ITEMS Form: Complete when items have been lost, missing or stolen. Must accompany the Lost or Stolen Property Affidavit form (FA-5). This form MUST be typed. Once completed, send originals to fixed assets manager.

FA-2 PERMANENT TRANSFER Form: Complete when assets are transferred to other departments or individuals, and should indicate the description of the asset, who is transferring the asset and who is accepting responsibility for the asset. Transfer information should be submitted to the fixed assets manager to update the assets data base.

FA-3 EMPLOYEE CHECKOUT OF FIXED ASSETS FORM:  Complete when there is a need for assets to be checked out from their assigned locations to be used at home, loaned to another location or sent out for repair.  The form must be completed before the removal of any assets.  It should be submitted to the fixed assets manager when assets are initially checked out as well as when they are returned.

FA-4 FIXED ASSETS TURN-IN FOR DISPOSAL Form: A Technology HelpDesk ticket should be submitted for technological equipment needing to be salvaged/disposed. Contact the fixed assets manager before the items are discarded. Disposal and deletion of fixed assets must be approved by the school district board.

FA-5 Lost or Stolen Property Affidavit Template: Lost or stolen property must be reported to the fixed assets manager and must be accompanied by a Missing Items form and signed by the responsible party assigned the property. Disposition of lost property will be reported on the board minutes. This form MUST be typed. A police report must be filed and submitted with this form. The police report can be obtained from a School Resource Officer.

Donald Isabelle, Fixed Assets Manager donald.isabelle@hattiesburgpsd.com´╗┐