HELC Tax Credit

High-Quality PreK is Important 

When children start school without important skills, it becomes harder and harder for them to achieve their potential without considerable intervention. Supporting the Hattiesburg Early Learning Collaborative is a direct investment in preparing Hattiesburg's youngest students! Your donation will fund resources that will significantly impact students' positive attitude toward school and love for learning. 

Donating is Easy! 

  • Submit check payable to: 

HPSD - Early Learning Collaborative 

ATTN Hope Mikell 

PO BOX 1569

Hattiesburg, MS 39403

  • Upon receipt of the check, we will respond immediately with an acknowledgment letter. A donation certificate will follow from the Mississippi Department of Education. 
  • When filing taxes, simply submit a copy of the donation certificate with form 80-401.

For more information, email Hope Mikell at Hope.Mikell@hattiesburgpsd.com or call 601-582-5078. 

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