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How to Become a Teacher

The Alternate Route is for teachers with a non-teacher education bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university. Currently, there are four methods to obtaining certification through the Alternate Route. The Alternate Route Teacher programs are listed below:

All three programs have the following components:

  • Testing
  • Training program or coursework
  • One-year teaching internship

These are the steps you need to take for alternate route certification:1. Decide what subject and age level you want to teach. This decision will help you choose which alternate route program will work for you.2. All programs require testing:

  • Twenty-one (21) ACT equivalent or achieve the nationally recommended passing score on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators examination
  • Praxis II: Subject Area Test in the area you want to teach
  • Each program offers specific subject areas. (Click here for Praxis Test Information)

3. You need to choose an alternate route program. Many candidates choose a program based on these criteria:

  • geographical location of the program
  • subject areas offered
  • cost and time commitment
  • internship requirements
  • grade level
  • your personal academic skills and professional background

4. Once you have successfully completed your testing you must enroll in an alternate route program and complete the training or coursework required. You will then be ready for your initial alternate license and internship.Submit to the Office of Educator Licensure a completed licensure application, sealed transcript showing degree, your original Praxis scores and proof of alternate route enrollment.5. The internship is your first year of teaching. Mentoring will be provided during the internship. You will be paid based on your bachelor's degree status as a first-year teacher. The internship period will be provisional based upon successful completion of the school year.6. Upon completion of the internship, you are ready to apply for your five-year standard teaching license. Submit to the Office of Educator Licensure a completed licensure application and proof of internship completion.
Note: There is not an alternate route program for Elementary Education K-3 at this time. You must complete an approved program in Elementary Education K-3 to earn that license.
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