Public School District

Hattiesburg Public Schools Resource Officers

The mission of the Hattiesburg Public Schools Police Department is to strive to provide a safe, positive educational environment for all students, staff, and families of our district and to be a liaison between Hattiesburg Public Schools, the community, and law enforcement.  

The vision of the HPS PD: Protect, Educate, and Serve ALL!

Some of our duties include but are not limited to:

  • Report all incidents of special needs or emergencies

  • Complete and submit reports of crime, motor vehicle accidents, and other incidents in conformity with established procedures

  • Enforce traffic laws and ordinances and seek to eliminate conditions interfering with the safe and expeditious movement of vehicles and pedestrians

  • Insure civil treatment and the protection of rights of all persons within the scope of their authority

  • Complete assigned duties of school safety planning, enforcement activities, classroom instruction in areas of expertise, and counseling referral of students

  • Check affidavits of students living within the district and living outside the district

  • Perform background checks of all intended employees

  • Support Hattiesburg Public Schools' Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

  • Conduct training in specialized areas of law enforcement for staff and administrators 

  • Investigate criminal activity within the district



Chief Latosha Myers-Mitchell
Chief Resource Officer

Officer Jessica Clark

Officer Darius Culberson

Officer Telly Allen

Officer Adam Kelly 601.408.0996

Officer Willie McDay

Officer John Myers