Report an Incident

We remind everyone that if you SEE something, SAY something by using our anonymous tip line: (enter Hattiesburg Public School District and select the appropriate school) or by calling 601-582-5078.  

The safety of our students and faculty is our number one priority. All students, parents, faculty and community members play a vital role in the safety process.

Hattiesburg Public School District offers a safe, anonymous, and confidential way for students, parents faculty and community members to:

  • report bullying
  • report someone in need/mental health
  • report a crime
  • report a threat


Stop it bullying app

Hattiesburg Public Schools is delivering on the mission to stop bullying through the "Stopit Bullying App." 

WHAT is it?

STOPit is the nation’s leading Anonymous Reporting System that teaches and empowers individuals to recognize and anonymously report safety, misconduct, and compliance concerns BEFORE they escalate into a crisis or other legal matter.

Download JDDA-P Bullying Procedures

First page of the PDF file: JDDA-PBullyingProcedures_1