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The Mission of Hattiesburg Public Schools is to educate all students to become productive citizens of a dynamic, global community. 

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Our athletic program has approximately 600 student athletes. There are 18 competitive sports with over 40 teams for students in grades seven through twelve. The goal of our program is to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional and moral well-being of the team members while providing educational athletic opportunities for as many young men and women as possible. 


Hattiesburg Early Learning Collaborative

The Hattiesburg Early Learning Collaborative is one of only 18 early learning collaboratives in Mississippi. We are the largest early learning collaborative and are funded to serve 329 preschoolers. All 20 HELC classrooms are provided with the same resources, assessments, high-quality curriculum, and experienced teachers. 


Our students inspire us by their courage and perseverance, and are a reminder that obstacles can be overcome when you have just one person cheering you on to the finish line.

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